Menno van der Zee

How mathematics will solve our traffic jams 
Presentation about the use of mathematical optimisation to compute highly efficient routes for shared taxis that will offer everyone fast and efficient, affordable, on-demand door-to-door transportation.

Menno van der Zee
Male, 24
Research Engineer 2getthere
Logistics, Optimisation

I have always had a passion for technology. Especially technologies that make our lives easier and more comfortable. The decision to start my studies in Delft therefore was not hard. To complement my technical knowledge, I spent a year in the board of the student organisation of the incubator YES!Delft. Here I learned not only about technology, but also how to get people to use it through commercialization. During my Msc in System and Control Engineering at the TU Delft I discovered mathematical optimization and its use for optimizing transport. I spent a year in Singapore working on transportation optimization algorithms in cooperation with MIT and developed algorithms for on-demand taxis. It is now my mission to educate people about these technologies and to use it in practical applications to make the way we travel around more efficient. I recently graduated and started working as a research engineer at a self-driving car company in the Netherlands.

FameLab entry reasons
To learn to communicate on stage more effectively, even if the content is difficult to understand for the audience.
Previous experience: several presentations at small and large events (MSc graduation event, YES!Delft Student events)