Shubham Shubham

Aeroacoustics and it's role in Urban Air Mobility 

Shubham Shubham
Male, 25 
Master of Science in Aerospace Engineering Delft University of Technology   
Bachelor of Technology in Mechanical Engineering
Aerodynamics and Aeroacoustics          

Biography / topic 
Aeroacoustics deal with sound produced by air due to it's interaction with any solid objects. Aeroacoutics is closely followed by Aerodynamics which deals with pressure and velocity fluctuations due to the same reason. My research proposal in focussed on sound produced by rotors and propellers in any flying vehicle. A key application would be in the area of Urban Air Mobility involving personal air taxis in a city environment. Currently the sound produced by commercial aircrafts is a major hazard in the areas surrounding the airport. With air taxis flying in every major locality of a city, noise pollution assumes significant importance especially for the certification process of such vehicles. Apart from the challenge of reducing noise, an efficient trajectory optimization in the city is also important due to the presence of high rise buildings and sound reflection from such structures. I would also be explaining some key progress in Urban Air Mobility till now and it's positive impact on our society.

FameLab entry reasons 
Being a research engineer especially in a rapidly evolving field such as aerospace comes with various challenges and responsibilities. One such responsibility includes applying the complex engineering concepts to society in a very simple manner. Product development always involves key synergy with end customers, thus proper understanding of the product is essential for a positive feedback and product improvement. For such purpose, simplistic understanding of various processes involved assumes importance. Thus, my motivation to take part in FameLab is to develop my skills for explaining my research proposal to a general audience in an efficient manner. Presentation without slides will be another challenge along with limited time which brings in difficult choices for prioritizing different topics. I believe taking part in FameLab will help me improve my research idea to further contribute to the development of society and mankind.              

Previous experience:

  1. Secured first position in a Paper presentation on designing a 3D traverse mechanism in a wind tunnel
  2. Presented for my bachelor thesis on Flow Boiling of Nanofluids
  3. Colloquium presentation on Rocket Propulsion and its future