A book is useful when you first become acquainted with a subject. You have all the useful basic information together, compiled and organized by an expert editor.

Find a book

Use WorldCat find books.WorldCat is the world's largest online network of library collections including the TU Delft Library collection.

  • Search for words in the title, authors, subject or ISBN
  • Use the menu on the left to refine your search results, for example:
  1. Only publications available at TU Delft Library
  2. Only publications available at Dutch libraries
  3. Only (e) books

For information and instructional videos about searching in WorldCat Discovery, visit the Resources module in TUlib, our online reference work on searching and finding scientific information.


Book not in the collection?

If an article or book is not present in our collection, we can in most cases provide a copy or a scan from a collection from another library. The documents are always delivered via e-mail (pdf). More information about document delivery and about borrowing books from another library. This service is only available to TU Delft students and employees.

Purchase suggestion

Are you missing a book in our collection? You can then make a purchase suggestion. We carefully examine every suggestion. If your suggestion fits within the collection and budget, we will gladly purchase it. This service is only available for TU Delft students and employees!

Make a purchase suggestion (Topdesk form).