Collection policy TU Delft Library

From 2018, the TU Delft Library wants to get the faculties more involved in the composition of the academic collections. Our highest priority in this process is to create a relevant and up-to-date collection of information resources for teaching and research at TU Delft. To achieve this, the Library is consulting with the faculty representatives: the library committees, the faculty secretaries and the deputy heads of the departments. These consultations are supported by analytical data such as subject classifications, user statistics, journal impact factors, Delft publication behaviour and Delft editorship. In addition to this, the financial aspects of any choices made are weighed up and discussed.

The role of the Library is primarily to advise, inform and facilitate: it is up to the faculties to decide what actually goes into their collections. In between these consultations, new requests for subscriptions can be submitted to the faculty secretaries, deputy heads of the departments and library committees or by using the purchase suggestion form for books or the purchase suggestion form for journals. This service is only available to TU Delft students and employees.

Requests for articles are monitored by the Library. If there is a lot of demand for articles from the same journal, the purchase of the journal in question will be considered in consultation with the faculty.

If you have any questions or suggestions related to this policy, please send an email to