With this form TU Delft staff members and students can request a digital map. Standard products have a delivery time of 3 working days. More information is available on the website of the Map Room or mail to maproom@remove-this.tudelft.nl. 

Request form digital maps Library

Your credentials
Map type

1. The applicant is registered as a student/Student assistant/PhD student/researcher at TU Delft.
2. The applicant will use the geo-information solely for the purpose of study or research at TU Delft.
3. The distribution of geo-information to third parties is not permitted.
4. The applicant will take all necessary measures to protect the geo-information from improper use by third parties.
5. The geo-information may only be used by those registered for the study component specified in these terms of use.
6. The geo-information may be used during the course of the study component; on completion of this component the geo-information must be destroyed.
7. In exception to paragraph 6, an edited copy of the geo-data can be stored for archiving.
8. It is not permitted to publish the geo-information externally without first obtaining the producer’s written consent.
9. The producer of the geo-information owns all intellectual property rights.
10. In internal and external publications the source must always be cited using the following notation, e.g. Cadastre, Geo-information Zwolle, [year], TU Delft Library.
11. Should it be concluded that improper use has been made of the geo-information, all resulting costs, including TU Delft’s liabilities ,will be paid by the applicant.