The Tr├ęsor contains historical books, magazines, maps, photos and prints from before 1900. Material from the Tr├ęsor is too expensive and too fragile to borrow. Viewing and copying is possible in the presence of the manager in the Tr├ęsor.


In some cases, the material is too fragile to copy. Then take pictures with a digital camera.

Normal opening times: Friday from 9:30 till 16:00, by appointment only

Make an appointment. Send an email to, our customer service, and mention:

  • the desired time you want to arrive
  • the location number of the document you want to read
  • in case of magazines: the volume number or year

Place numbers

The place numbers of the documents can be found in the library catalog.Place numbers of documents from the Tr├ęsory can be recognized by the prefix TR. For instance:

  • TR 3024359
  • TRT 052 (journal)
  • TRK 9100 A 01 (maps)
  • TRG 9301 A 01 (large format books)