DSA Kalman

Delft Student Association Rudolf Kalman is the study association of the master program Systems & Control at the Delft University of Technology. The goals of the student association are to help students of the master program prepare on their professional lives after graduation as well as helping to guard the quality of the education of the master program. These goals are met by among other things organizing an annual career fair, participating in the board of studies meetings, taking regular surveys and more.

Academic: D.S.A. Kalman is present during the board of studies meetings of DCSC to provide a link between the students and the curriculum/professors.
Business: As D.S.A. Kalman we connect students with companies operating in different fields to provide professional opportunities. We organize lectures, excursions, and an annual career fair.
Social: D.S.A. Kalman organizes social events to bring students and staff of DCSC together in an informal setting.

For more information on control related job opportunities, internships, events, please visit: https://dsakalman.nl/