The principal foundation of the N4CI team is the analysis of signals in the area of systems and control. Our research covers the whole range from linear to non-linear systems, with spatio-temporally varying dynamical systems being of particular interest. The objective of our research is to extract crucial information from signals in order to understand and diagnose systems, to identify and model their dynamics, and to interact with them in order to reach a specific goal or to improve their performance. A particular focus of our research is on new algorithms that exploit specific features of dynamical systems, often based on physical insight.

The mathematical expertise and algorithmic interests of the current research staff include linear and multi-linear algebra, harmonic analysis (in particular, nonlinear Fourier analysis), and data-driven fusion and statistical learning theory. The main application areas are control of high resolution imaging systems (in astronomy, microscopy, and optical coherence tomography), optical fiber communication, and mass spectrometry and molecular imaging (in medicine and life sciences). Within the small team there are currently two holders of ERC research grants.

Current team members:

  • Prof. Michel Verhaegen
  • Dr. Sander Wahls
  • Dr. Raf van der Plas
  • Dr. Carlas Smith
  • Dr. Nitin Myers M. Verhaegen (Michel)

Full Professor