Networked Cyber-Physical Systems

This is a new team at DCSC, whose research efforts are aimed at improving our understanding and control of cyber-physical systems composed of a large number of interconnected and embedded components. Such networks of systems contain a huge number of sensors and actuators that generate a tremendous amount of data to be processed in real-time in order to increase the autonomy of the participating entities, or accomplish a high level of automation. The scientific challenges currently pursued by the team are of multidisciplinary nature, and include the following topics and applications:

  • Distributed decision-making, control, estimation, and optimization for large-scale systems
  • Control over wireless sensor/actuator networks
  • Embedded real-time optimization-based control and estimation under uncertainty and information constraints
  • Anomaly detection, fault diagnosis/estimation, and cyber-secure reconfigurable control
  • Parallel, asynchronous, event-triggered computation for autonomous decision-making
  • Correct-by-design synthesis of embedded control software, formal verification
  • Current application areas: distributed and cooperative robotic networks, multi-vehicle systems, aeronautical, space, and automotive applications, thermal-, electricity-, and water-networks and smart energy systems

Current team members:

Dr. Tamás Keviczky
Embedded Autonomy and Automation for Large-Scale Complex Systems

Dr. Manuel Mazo Jr.
Symbolic Methods in Control and Networked Control Systems

Dr. Peyman Mohajerin Esfahani
Decision Making in Uncertain, Adversarial, and Dynamic Environments

Dr. Sergio Gonçalves Melo Pequito
Analysis, design and optimization of large-scale networks, and applications to neuroscience and medicine

Dr. Luca Laurenti
Control and Verification of Uncertain Systems