D.S.F.V. Blue Falcons

D.S.F.V. Blue Falcons is the floorball association in Delft. Mail us if you want to join for an open training! 

Who are we?
We are the international student association for Floorball and Unihockey in delft. Since 2007 we have grown into a lively and active association with about 70 members playing in four competition teams. It doesn’t matter if you want to play at the highest level possible or want to drink as much beer as possible, at the Blue Falcons you can do both. Two times per year we organize an open tournament, open for all your roommates/friends/jaarclubgenoten.

At the Blue Falcons you can play competition in one of the three men’s teams or the ladies team we have, ranging from the highest division in the Netherlands (Eredivisie) to the lowest. Each season consists of 14 matches, which is about once every two weeks. If you’re just getting started you can also choose to play mixed, which is three Sundays each half year, making it a nice introduction to playing matches.

If you want to join a free open training, please contact us in advance, you’re always welcome!

What is Floorball?
Floorball is the fastest indoor team sport, originating in Sweden but gaining popularity quickly all around the world. It is played using a boarding around the field, and it is possible to play behind the goals such as in Ice Hockey. Also a bit of shoulder-to-shoulder pushes are allowed. This results in a speedy and physical game!

Full field variant

This is the standard variant of Floorball. Typically it is played in a ~40x20m rink with 5 field players and a goalie on each team. Currently, there are 3 divisions for men and 2 for women in this competition (see nefub.nl/competitie). Suggested is to have at least 5 extra field players to switch the full line of players. Switching should be done very often, meaning every 2-3 minutes to keep everyone at highest strength throughout the game. It is usually played 3×20 minutes.


Mixed variant
The Dutch floorball federation (NeFUB) also hosts a competition using a small field variant. This field is twice as small as the full field variant, and is played without goalies and with smaller goals. Teams have at least 4 players, and each team must have at all times 2 women and 2 men in the field. It is usually played 2×15 minutes.

D.S.F.V. Blue Falcons


Target audience
Bachelor/Master/PhD/PD Eng

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