Pro2Tech Research Cluster Solid & Fluid Mechanics

The Pro2Tech Solid & Fluid Mechanics cluster represents a vast discipline related to transport, mixing and/or processing of solids and fluids. Such processes are encountered in nearly all applications in process technology such as for instance in the food industry (processing of powders and suspensions like milk), the pharmaceutical industry (drug delivery through sprays), the energy industry (biomass gasification), the water treatment industry (flocculation/sedimentation), the steel industry (transport and handling of raw materials) and the processing of advanced materials (3D printing). Our cluster thus links to all other Pro2Tech clusters. Indeed, solid and fluid mechanics is of crucial importance for control and optimization of industrial processes, lowering energy consumption, reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and noise reduction.
The Solid & Fluid Mechanics cluster combines the expertise of various research groups at TU Delft in the field of turbulence, multiphase flows, rheology, nano and microfluidics, biological flows, fluid/structure interactions, powder and granular flows, heat and mass transfer, phase changes, thermodynamics, chemistry and multiphysics in general. Our research is of fundamental nature, but clearly connected to applications. The processes we study range from small to large scales, both in space and time (from micron to meter scale and beyond, from lab to industrial scale). Part of our research is devoted to the development and application of advanced numerical methods and novel experimental techniques for studying complex flows.

Our cluster aims to develop and nurture promising research lines dedicated to the current and future needs of process industry through uniting the expertise on solid and fluid mechanics at TU Delft.

Wim-Paul Breugem

Dr. Ir. Wim-Paul Breugem

Multiphase Systems

Dr. Ir. Gabrie Meesters

Product and Process

Dr. Ir. Dingena L. Schott

Transport Engineering and Logistics