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TU Delft researchers present the results of their research in academic publications. 

TU Delft Repository

The TU Delft Repository gives full text open access to 52.000 PhD theses, journal articles, conference papers, patents, speeches and other TU Delft publications. TU Delft puts a lot of effort into making all Delft PhD theses available online from the first doctoral conferral in 1905. There are now 8.500 doctoral theses full text available, almost the complete set of promotions affiliated with TU Delft and its predecessors. 

Delft research through research information system Pure

Pure is a system proving information about ongoing research at TU Delft. It is intended as a management information system and contains short descriptions of research, publications and authors. 

NARCIS - National Academic Research and Collaborations Information System

TU Delft Repository is contributor of NARCIS, the national platform of scientific research. The Narcis platform gives access to 636.000 Open Access publications, of which 42.000 are from TU Delft. Besides scientists and students also teachers, entrepreneurs, governments and journalists make use of this platform.

TU Delft Open Access policy and Funding of Open Access are managed by TU Delft Library 

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