Welcome to Delft measures

Delft meet is a Citizen Science project in which various research projects are being conducted. By using buggers, researchers get their data quickly. One project that has been running successfully for some time is the WaterLab. You can read more about it on this website.

Our website has been updated! Take a look at the new pages to learn more about WaterLab or play our online HydroHero game. Check our “Join our Research” page to see which projects are running and how you can contribute to science. There is always something to do at WaterLab: last summer we participated in the Vliet Clean (s)Up by researching micro-plastics in the Vliet river and this autumn we are busy with the second edition of Delft Measures Rain.

What is WaterLab?

WaterLab is a platform for Citizen Science research focused on water. With citizen science everyone who wants to, can become a researcher. At WaterLab you can join in different research projects by giving input on topical water related questions and by collecting data together with other researchers and scientists. Many hands make light work!