WaterLab is a collaboration between the following partners:

TU Delft Science Centre

TU Delft Science Centre is an educational institution and science museum that wants all children (4-14 years) in the region South-Holland to have the chance to do research and solve technical problems themselves, so that they can develop their talents in a broad way. To realize this, TU Delft Science Centre develops innovative and practical materials for education in research and design, with room for contact between students and scientists. TU Delft Science Centre helps schools and teacher-training schools (PABO) to implement this.

IHE Delft Institute for Water Education

IHE Delft Institute for Water Education is the biggest international water education institute in the world. It combines education, research and capacity building in activities that strengthen each other worldwide, focusing on engineering, water management, the environment, sanitation and policy. By joining WaterLab, IHE-Delft builds on her experience with citizen science in other projects (like WeSenseIt, SCENT, FreshWaterWatch and GroundTruth 2.0). We bring expertise in participation, governance and innovation from social sciences and combine it with know-how in water management and policy. IHE-Delft places great value in their local networks and WaterLab offers the opportunity to bring innovative methods and practices to reality. The new knowledge and experiences here are applied to projects abroad.


PULSAQUA is a advice and project development startup focusing on water-related and environmental issues, using citizen science methodologies. We help NGO’s, governments and companies to make the changes the world needs to make and monitoring together with local people. Within WaterLab, we manage many of the projects and deliver expert input in the field of water management and citizen science. Together with WaterLab we enlarge our reach and network of water boards and scientists.

WaterLab has been made possible by the Waterboard of Delft and VP Delta.