J. Westerweel J. Westerweel



J. Westerweel obtained is M.Sc. degree in applied physics in 1988 at the Delft University of Technology, where he also obtained in Ph.D. degree in 1993 (with honours). He then became a Research Fellow at the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences, and worked as a visiting scholar at Stanford University, the California Institute of Technology, and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. In 2001 he was appointed as an Antoni van Leeuwenhoek (AvL) professor, and since 2005 he holds the fluid mechanics chair at the Faculty of Mechanical, Maritime and Materials Engineering (3mE). His research interests are turbulence, dispersed multiphase flows, microfluidics, biological fluid dynamics, and the fluid dynamics of sports. He is one of the Editors-in-Chief for the Springer-Nature journal Experiments in Fluids.


  • fluid dynamics 
  • turbulence 
  • experimental methods 

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