Dr.ir. K.N. (Karel) van Dalen

Dr.ir. K.N. (Karel) van Dalen


Biography & expertise

Karel van Dalen is an Associate Professor in the group of Dynamics of Solids & Structures at the Faculty of Civil Engineering of TU Delft. He leads research projects into

  • ​​​​​​​the dynamics of railway-track transition zones
  • Hyperloop vehicle-infrastructure interaction at high speeds
  • the dynamics of offshore wind turbine support structures
  • the development of tools for characterization of dynamic soil properties at small and larger strain
  • the propagation of nonlinear waves in soils

Karel van Dalen graduated from the Faculty of Civil Engineering at TU Delft in 2006, with a thesis on moving load dynamics.

He received a Ph.D. degree in 2011 for his research focussed on acoustic characterization of porous media, which he performed in the group of Applied Geophysics and Petrophysics (TU Delft). In that group, he also worked as a postdoctoral researcher in the field of seismic interferometry.

Personal profile

Educated as an academic engineer, it is my ambition to solve vibration and wave propagation problems encountered in offshore wind turbine support structures, in railway tracks and in Hyperloop infrastructure based on thorough understanding.

Working on such challenges gives me a lot of satisfaction; the mechanics is fascinating, and the considered systems hold the promise of being completely emission free or contribute to the generation of green energy.

​​​​​​​My work is fundamental in nature, but clearly driven by application. I enjoy working together with people and I am passionate about teaching, in which I aim to β€œcreate the spark from which a burst may flame”.​​​​

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