Ir. M.F.M. van Uden

Ir. M.F.M. van Uden



Mart is a critical and open-minded scholar, specialised in the transition towards a more circular construction sector. His focus is on construction projects and the routinized practices that influence them. In these practices, his research centres around different types of behaviour, group dynamics, functional and economic structures and laws and regulations.

Mart is an abstract thinker; he loves to translate found problems and solutions from sector to sector, from one theory to the next. Above all, he enjoys using this skill to challenge our big societal problems, such as the climate crisis.

Colleagues describe him as communicative and friendly with a nice sense of humour. Yet, he also got the reputation for being a walking library, being able to present an article for every problem they face. In his way of working Mart hopes to both set a high bar for himself and his colleagues, as well as create an atmosphere where everybody wins.

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