M. (Maryam) Naghibi PhD MA MSc

M. (Maryam) Naghibi PhD MA MSc



I hold my Ph.D. (2022) from the School of Architecture and Environmental Design, Iran University of Science and Technology (IUST), where I was a Distinguished Student (2014) and researcher (2021). My background is in Urbanism, landscape architecture and architecture.

I explored leftover spaces in the urban context in general and in the case study of Tehran in particular. Urban leftover spaces can contribute to solving problems related to climate change, water storage, heat islands, and landscape fragmentation. But these spaces can also contribute to reducing social inequalities and offer communities the opportunity to reclaim and revitalize their neighborhoods. My overall approach considered the complex interplay between different dimensions of the socio-ecological system. In my research, I employed various research methods, including machine learning algorithms on EEG data to assess the impact of design strategies on leftover spaces.

My research approach is strongly interdisciplinary, combining landscape design and urban projects, abandoned and leftover spaces, public spaces related to resilience, urban acupuncture, user experiences, multi-scalar and ideas-based design, a socio-technical-environmental (STE) approach, and temporary interventions.

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