Dr. M. (Maria) Sovago

Dr. M. (Maria) Sovago



Science and Technology, Education and Theatre: this is what I am passionate about. I combine them to teach, inspire and challenge the way we think, feel and act in Science and Technology. My ingredients are energy and power with a good laugh.

As a Physics Lecturer at TU Delft, I am setting up a revolutionary new programme - Physics Design Programme - to answer this type of questions and to bring science and technology together. 

Next to my activities at the university, I am the founder of STRALIA (Latin: shining). STRALIA’s mission is to teach and coach scientists, researchers and engineers to become better authentic leaders and share their knowledge by using theatre techniques. I strongly believe in unlocking our hidden talents and discovering our authenticity. www.stralia.nl

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Physics Design Programme for Applied Sciences Study

As a scientist, I am driven by applying fundamental scientific knowledge to real life applications. Bridging the gap between Science and Society is not always easy, but what a fantastic challenge! Our curiosity to understand nature should be combined with finding solutions for current societal problems.

Imagine one day we dreamed of discovering traces of water on Mars: driven by pure curiosity! Scientists and engineers engaged in designing and developing space instruments to achieve this goal. How did they put all the pieces together?

In this programme, a team of talented master students are working for a full two months to solve a challenging R&D Physics Design case. And believe me, the cases are no joke! These are the real life problems raised by the Dutch industry and once solved successfully, they will make a contribution to society!Further, we focus on team building, presentation and writing skills, cultural differences. Students will learn that a case is not only about the technical aspects but also about the roles in a project team. How do you communicate? How do you operate in a team? What is your (natural) role? How do you deal with cultural differences?

We, the bright minds of TU Delft together with our partners will bring the physics design to the next level of innovation. Yes, because we strongly believe that together we can design the future.

What is the role of a scientist in all this? And how can you contribute? Feel free to contact me to discover it together. 

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