Dr.ir. N. (Nitish) Anand

Dr.ir. N. (Nitish) Anand

Research profile


Nitish Anand earned his Master of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Process and Energy Department of TU Delft. During his Master thesis project, he developed a novel methodology to design the supersonic stator for Organic Rankine Cycle turbines. He was appointed as a PhD Researcher in the Power and Propulsion group of TU Delft's Faculty of Aerospace Engineering and is currently researching on Multi-disciplinary design optimisation methods for small-scale high-speed turbines. He has a keen research interest in fluid dynamics, turbomachinery and optimisation methods. As a part of his PhD he has developed Parablade, an open-source turbomachinery blade parametrisation program, whose code is available on GitHub


  • Supersonic Turbine Design and Optimisation of small-scale high-speed turbomachines.
  • Adjoint-based shape optimisation method for turbomachines. 
  • CAD-Based blade parametrisation method. 
  • Boundary Layer Ingestion fan design.

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