Dr. R.J. (Reinout) Kleinhans

Dr. R.J. (Reinout) Kleinhans

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I am an Associate Professor of Urban regeneration at the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment.

My current research is focused on urban regeneration, long-term social mobility and how both are affected by the crisis. I am also leading a three-year study on the role of community enterprises in the context of government retrenchment from urban regeneration, and the changing relationships between citizens and governments.

My newest research fascination is the potential of social media, virtual platforms and mobile technology to foster citizens' engagement and participation in neighbourhood governance.

I teach master courses in urban geography and strategies of urban regeneration. I am a regular invited speaker for professionals working in housing associations and local and national government officials.

Follow me on Twitter, LinkedIn, About.me, Google Citations en ResearchGatehttp://about.me/rjkleinhanshttp://scholar.google.nl/citations?user=6Ex9BwgAAAAJ


March 2012 - July 2014:
NWO-Platform 31 research “Please do it yourself. On social support, professional counselling and long-term upward social mobility in a neighbourhood-based approach”  (Grant KKS2-2012-02).

July 2012 - April 2015:
Project Knowledge Development Experiment Community Enterprises ( Project Kennisontwikkeling Experiment Bewonersbedrijven), together with the Ministry of the Interior and the Landelijk Samenwerkingsverband Actieve Bewoners (LSA) .  

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