T.E. (Tim) Djedilbaev

T.E. (Tim) Djedilbaev



An interdisciplinary researcher in the making, I am very keen to understand how cultural practices shape our cognition, and vice versa. For my MSc degree in Cognitive Sciences and Technologies received from the Institute for Cognitive Neuroscience under the supervision of Dr Maria Falikman, HSE Moscow I explored how (digital) tools redefine human cognitive functioning with visibly far-reaching implications for our brain/cognition re-adjustment to the environment.


The METATOOL project I will be part of during my PhD trajectory at TU Delft is highly interdisciplinary: the ambition is to achieve a break-through synthetic awareness capable of inventing tools in a replication of our ancestors' intelligence. Working in a team with the principle investigators Drs Geeske Langejans and Carlos Hernandez Corbato during the next four years, I will contribute to the foundations of the project expanding the ROCA ontology, conducting experiments, and modeling cognitive systems.

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