Enrolling as a minor student or guest student

It can be valuable to follow a single subject (guest course) or minor courses at the TU Delft that are not provided by the educational institution where you are taking your main degree programme.

In order to register as a minor student:

In order to register as an external minor student, an approval from TU Delft is required. See the website for more information.

In order to register as a guest student:

  • Check the studie guide for available courses. Please note! It is not possible to register as a guest student for courses of the Bachelor Computer Science and the bachelor Industrial Design.
  • Apply via Studielink; educational institution: Delft University of Technology.
  • Arrange the following :
    • A Proof of payment tuition fee (In Dutch: BBC, Bewijs Betaald Collegegeld) of the main educational institution, stating what amount of tuition fees have been paid for your enrolment, your type of enrolment and for what period. You can request a BBC through Studielink by arranging your payment details for TU Delft.
    • Send to our Contact Centre a declaration from the Board of Examiners of the main educational institution, with permission to follow the course at the TU Delft.
  • Guest students will not obtain a degree diploma.

For questions or recommendations please contact: 

Termination of your enrolment is not an automatic process after the completion of TU Delft programme as a minor or guest student . You are responsible to terminate your enrolment at TU Delft in time.