Since 30 July 2021 Projectcampus is no longer available in Brightspace. Below you can find information regarding alternative tooling. 

Projectcampus is a social learning environment for groups and projects and brings together all types of communication regarding learning in projects and groups in one place, including communication from parties outside of TU Delft.

Alternative tooling

TU Delft offers alternative tools in which students and staff can collaborate in a subgroup, team or project. On this page we describe alternatives for the different uses of Projectcampus.

Brightspace is the learning management system implemented at TU Delft. Brightspace offers options to communicate to students, share educational resources and facilitate education in other ways within each course. Brightspace allows group work and other forms of collaboration integrated in the usual course structure.

MS Teams is the digital hub for Microsoft 365 (M365) bringing conversations, content and apps together in one place. MS Teams is better equipped to facilitate communication and collaboration with groups of students, lecturers and staff in any combination independent of the usual course structure.

This page describes alternative options in TU Delft supported tools. The best option depends on the context. If you need support in using alternative tooling now or in preparation of the next academic year, please contact