Make your online teaching go further

Capitalise on your move to online teaching by offering your education to lifelong learners and interested professionals.

The corona-crisis forced TU Delft lecturers to very quickly move to remote teaching. This was a massive collective undertaking to continue to provide our high-quality education to our students in the face of past and current campus restrictions.

What if you could make the most of the time and effort you put in to transform your teaching to the online mode and benefit even more learners? 

It would be great if you could offer your current remote-education to an external group of learners. Especially once we can return to teaching on campus, it would be a pity to miss on the opportunity to use more widely, what you have created for TU Delft students during the pandemic.

The Extension School for Continuing Education is interested to support and work with lecturers in adapting their remote education to fulfil the learning needs of lifelong learners in areas of particular relevance to their professional challenges. The Extension School is specifically interested in courses on our six themes: Energy Transition, Sustainable Cities, Future of Transportation, Quantum Computing, AI and Cybersecurity, and Medical Technology. If you believe in making your education go further in this way, you are invited to explore this possibility.

Please contact your faculty coordinator or the Extension School to discuss adapting your education for lifelong learners and professionals.

To find out more about theTU Delft’s online education portfolio check the website

Photo by Franck V. on Unsplash CC0