Reminder: Project Campus no longer available as of next academic year

In November last year Projectcampus users were notificatied about the phasing out of Projectcampus individually and via The Educator.  

We would like to remind you that Projectcampus is available until the end of this academic year. If you currently use Projectcampus, or are in preparations for the next education period, you can continue using Projectcampus. Do keep in mind that after summer 2021 the tool will not be available anymore.
•    Remember to download your Projectcampus courses as PDF and download all files after use of your Projectcampus course if you wish to retain access to them for future reference (find out how).
•    If you need support in finding or using centrally supported alternative tooling, have a look at our suggestions or contact Brightspace Support
•    Also, if you decide to look for alternative tooling yourself, please consider centrally supported tools and make sure to be aware of and consider the aspects of privacy and security. You can contact for support and advice if needed.
•    Please let us know if you have already found alternative tooling. We would be interested to hear which one(s) you are using. 
If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to Brightspace support.