The Ethics and Philosophy of Technology Section

Overall mission of the Section

The overall mission of the Ethics and Philosophy of Technology Section is to contribute to the professional and academic education of future engineers and to conduct research into philosophical, in particular ethical, problems related to modern technology and its impact on society.


On request of the board of TU Delft, the Ethics and Philosophy of Technology Section provides ethics teaching for all engineering programs at the University of Technology Delft, on all levels of education. Next to compulsory courses we also offer electives, and we participate in various minors and MOOCs.

The main topics of our courses relate to ethics and engineering, philosophy and methodology of science, technology and design, scientific integrity, argumentation theory and critical thinking. Furthermore, we are currently developing specialized thematic master courses.

The aim of our teaching is to train students to develop a normative and critical stance and 'critical thinking' skills concerning the practice of engineering and the implications of technology for society, and awareness of the moral and social responsibility of engineers. We aim to provide students with cognitive skills and knowledge required for arriving at informed and well-grounded judgments and decisions about these topics.

We welcome students who want to do their graduation project with the Ethics and Philosophy of Technology Section. To find a suitable topic please have a look at the list of projects at the Graduation Portal, browse through the research interests of our staff members, or get in touch with our graduation coordinator <link tbm over-de-faculteit afdelingen values-technology-and-innovation people assistant-professors dr-u-udo-pesch>Udo Pesch.


Check out these links to find out about our Research mission and our Public outreach activities.

WM0312CIE Philosophy, Technology Assessment and Ethics for CIE

WM0318TN Wetenschaps- en argumentatieleer

WM0320TU Ethics and Engineering

WM0324LR Ethics and Engineering for Aerospace Engineering

WM0328TI Informatietechnologie en Waarden

WM0329TU Ethics and Engineering

WM0332IN Methodology of Science and Engineering

WM0338TU Identity in a Technological Culture

WM0342TU Introduction to the Philosophy of Technology

WM0348TU Christian Philosophy: recent developments

WM0349WB Philosophy of engineering science and design

WM0353TU Climate Ethics

WM0359TU TPM Research Frontiers

WM0361TU Filosofie I: techniek- en wetenschapsfilosofie

WM0362TU Wetenschaps- en techniekfilosofie II

WM0365TU Technology and the Future of Humanity

WM0368TU. Energy in Developing Countries

WM0369TU Philosophy of the human being and technology

WM0371TU Cultuurfilosofie I: hedendaagse techniekfilosofie en IR-ethiek

WM0372TU Cultuurfilosofie II: Keuzevak

WB3073 The engineer in society

WM0375TU Ethics of technological risk

WM0377TU Value Sensitive Design

WM0378TU Value sensitive design

MOT1442 Social Scientific Values

SPM7040 Collective reasoning (skills)

WM0827TU Technology, Innov and Ethics for companies

WM1028AM Ethiek voor toegepaste wiskunde

WM1028AM Ethiek voor toegepaste wiskunde

MOT1411 Technology Dynamics