COMET (4TU.CEE project)

COMET - Comprehensive Ethics Teaching for Engineering and Design students

About the project
COMET is a two-year research project of the Ethics and Philosophy of Technology Section (TPM), funded by the 4TU.Centre for Engineering Education. The project is focused on the future of engineering ethics education at TU Delft. It is both retrospective and prospective: looking back at the successes and challenges from the last 20 years of integrating ethics into the curriculum at TU Delft, and identifying and proposing best practices for ethics education going forward.

Research Objectives

The project consists of three phases:
1. Laying a theoretical foundation through an overview of the state-of-the-art research on engineering ethics and engineering ethics education.
2.Developing our own tripartite framework for thinking about best practices in engineering ethics education, based on the establishment of three distinct but interrelated domains of ethical reflection important for the engineer (reflection on one’s practical identity qua engineer, reflection on the structural-systemic context of the engineering practice, and reflection on the ethical impact of engineering activities, i.e. products, artifacts, designs)
3.Building off our theoretical model to offer practical recommendations – at the level of both form and content – for teaching engineering ethics at TU Delft

Janna van Grunsven, Taylor Stone, Lavinia Marin


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  • Stone, T., Marin, L., & van Grunsven, J. (2020). “Before Responsible Innovation: Teaching Anticipation as an Intellectual Virtue for Engineers.” In Engaging Engineering Education: Proceedings of the 48th Annual Conference of the European Society or Engineering Education. Eds. J. van der Veen & H.-M. Järvinen, pp. 1401-1408. (ISBN: 978-2-87352-020-5) - Download the preprint or Download the edited volume
  • J. van Grunsven, L. Marin, T. Stone, S. Roeser and N. Doorn, "How to Teach Engineering Ethics? A Retrospective and Prospective Sketch of TU Delft’s Approach to Engineering Ethics Education," Advances in Engineering Education, Fall 2021. [full article here]
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