Department of Software Technology

The Department of Software Technology (ST) of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics, and Computer Science (EEMCS) of Delft University of Technology covers the design, engineering and analysis of complex, distributed and cooperative software and computer systems.

Together with the Department of Intelligent Systems (INSY), the department of Software Technology is responsible for all computer science research and education of the faculty.


The department employs over 25 faculty and 100 postdoctoral and PhD researchers.

The department is organized into six sections, covering the main research themes of the department:

The department's management team consists of the heads of the sections, the director of the computer science education programs Hans Tonino, and the department's manager Janneke Hermans. The management team is chaired by the Head of Department Arie van Deursen.

The management team meets bi-weekly to discuss organizational matters.

The full faculty also meets bi-weekly in its faculty lunch, to share the newest research ideas and emerging results.


The department's major research themes correspond to its sections.

Furthermore, the department is involved in various cross-faculty initiatives. The most important of these are:

The department's publications can be found on the TU Delft Institutional Repository as well as in our Departmental Publication Server.

In our research, we collaborate with academic and industrial partners around the world. We welcome new collaborations: Contact the researcher closest to your interest, or our departmental manager for more information.


The department plays a key role in various educational programs, including the following:

News from the Department

We frequently post updates of recent developments on our Medium @delftswtech Pages. You can also follow us and many of our group members via our Twitter handle @delftswtech