Shared Heritage Lab in Semarang, Indonesia

At present, Semarang faces many challenges such as high flooding risk, severe land subsidence, poor water and waste management and substantial urban decay. Fourteen students flew to Semarang to carry out an on-sight research to come up with possible solutions to these problems to alleviate the dire issues of the city.

The students spoke to a multitude of stakeholders of the city, starting with the community, up to the government officials. By interviewing the people of Semarang, the research group collected valuable insights about what is lacking in the current situation and what initiatives the government takes or what could be done by the community already. This way they could identify social, economic and cultural structures.

After interviewing many stakeholders, conducting a weeklong workshop together with the Institute of Technology Bandung, documenting and doing research for archival material the research group came up with new design strategies for the revitalization of former colonial cities in Indonesia.


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