Raúl Ortiz Merino

Expertise: Bioinformatics and systems biology, biotechnology, genomics. Data wrangling, visualisation, repositories, workflows. R, python.

I am a Research Data Manager part of the Digital Competence Center and the Library Research Data and Software Services.

I started my scientific training as a biomedical researcher having mostly biochemistry projects. As my research interests grew, they became more and more data intensive so I became a bioinformatician. Most of my work was done with data obtained from microorganisms like brewing/baking yeast and some other fungi.

I am very aware of the steady increase of data generation and (re)use by researchers creating data-related bottlenecks. As part of my job, I aim to help researchers, both established and still undergoing training, to deal with their specific data bottlenecks: management, analysis, visualisation, and so on.