Monitoring rainfall from space

FutureWater is a research and consultancy firm that combines scientific research with practical solutions for better water management. For this project, FutureWater worked on several activities to improve availability, accessibility and uptake of rainfall information in Myanmar:

  • Exploring options for downscaling of satellite-derived rainfall products to create an operational high-resolution product together with Yangon Technological University.
  • Providing capacity building to Myanmar water managers on the use of Google Earth Engine (GEE) – a tool to access and work with satellite-derived data products.
  • Constructing ‘RainMyanmar’, an online tool with an intuitive user interface for extracting, analyzing and comparing spatio-temporal rainfall information for the states, regions and river basins of Myanmar based on GEE technology.

Testing FutureWater services

  • RainMyanmar is presented and tested during a workshop with water management experts in Myanmar in December 2018.
  • To validate the downscaled satellite data, a dataset with ground data was purchased from the Myanmar Department of Meteorology and Hydrology (DMH).
  • For an ongoing service integrating different data sources, a combination with the ground stations from Disdro could be useful.

Using FutureWater services
RainMyanmar is an ideal tool for any public or private sector stakeholder who needs data on rainfall. It is also particularly useful for the scientific community to identify trends on climate change, periods of droughts and rainfall events. Complying with GEE license terms, it will remain freely accessible and is particularly intended for development, research, and educational purposes.

Potential FutureWater clients
National and local government authorities (e.g. cities, hydrology departments, meteorological departments and urban planning); International donors; Consultancy and engineering firms; Financial sector (e.g. banking and insurance companies).