Nature Based Solutions

"Let nature be your teacher"

Myanmar is in the unique position that it has abundant water resources and that its mighty rivers begin and end within its borders. Even more uniquely, scientists quite recently found out that only about one-third of the worldโ€™s longest rivers remain free-flowing. The only two remaining free-flowing rivers in Asia are both located in Myanmar โ€“ the Ayeyarwaddy river and the Salween river. However, the rapid economic development is putting pressure on the water quality and quantity; and also the increased exposure to natural disasters asks for support and solutions.

That is why we would like to introduce to you Nature Based Solutions (NBS). NBS cover a range of approaches and technologies, which use natural processes to address societal challenges. The success of NBS is related to good performance on primary objectives, co-benefits for other purposes and (in many cases) low operation and maintenance costs. Nature Based Solutions, when well designed, will result in multiple benefits for the environment, society, and economy. They can also promote a green and circular economy because they close the loop of water management and make connections between healthy ecosystems and social/economic development challenges.

This page will soon provide course material to the NBS training. Next it will provide a NBS inspirational toolkit with a collection of worldwide and regional NBS examples and lessons learned (for rivers, coast and urban situations). 

More information will follow soon.