Shore Monitoring & Research

Modular survey systems, drones and local fisher boats –integral data acquisition in places where others cannot go

Collection of parameters such as bathymetry and discharge by transforming a local Myanmar fisher boat into a high-tech measuring tool: Shore’s unique and flexible approach involves connecting high-tech sensors with local platforms, allowing even remote areas to be reached and monitored while limiting mobilization and operational costs.

Shore collected high quality data for a model and design study of the Pan Hlaing sluice and to support the city of Nyaungdon in becoming more flood proof. Besides the creation of clearly referenced benchmarks and collection of bathymetric data, Shore created a digital 3D model of the Nyaungdon river banks with a drone. Usually on the ground measuring campaigns are very costly, but Shore’s unique and innovative approach shows a smarter and cheaper way to achieve the same high-quality results.

Testing Shore
Shore’s field campaigns in Myanmar were a big success. Shore taught its clients to use the equipment themselves, as capacity building was one of their primary objectives. This implies that not only high quality data on relevant river parameters has been acquired, but the knowledge on how to acquire this type of data was also transferred and part of the equipment stayed in Myanmar and is still being used.

Involving Shore
The tools of Shore can be asked for all projects that require data or related consultancy on rivers and coasts, such as: coastal development, river system insights, navigability, infrastructural development (e.g. sluices, dams, bridges etc.), flood prevention and erosion prevention.

Potential Clients
National and local government authorities (e.g. cities, hydrology departments, meteorological departments and urban planning); International donors; Port and transport authorities; Consultancy and engineering firms.