The Aerospace Structures & Materials track aims to equip you with the knowledge and practical skills to tackle the challenge of developing the next generation of solutions that address new requirements and necessities in an industrial or research environment.

Learning objectives

After completing the MSc Track Aerospace Structures & Materials the student will be able to:

  • Develop design requirements for materials and structures
  • Design lightweight structures and explain the reasoning and the physics behind the design
  • Design a material suitable for aerospace application and explain the reasoning and the physics behind the design
  • Analyze a structural design using Finite Element Methods
  • Explain the manufacturing processes and their applications
  • Select suitable manufacturing processes
  • Manufacture a prototype
  • Explain and predict how a design will perform over its life-time and explain how the performance can be monitored. 

Student profile

The Aerospace Structures and Materials track is for students that have a strong affinity with structures and/or materials that are critical for expanding the boundaries of aeronautics and space applications. The ASM track challenges students to make these structures and materials more durable, lightweight and sustainable. During the MSc program, knowledge about the complete life cycle aspects of novel structures and materials, covering analysis, design, manufacturing, testing, monitoring and recycling, will be expanded with a wide range of professional and scientific skills, including advanced analytical, numerical and experimental techniques. The student can choose an area of specialization and should be eager to find creative solutions that will have an impact in the field of aerospace structures and materials.

Thesis topics

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