Spaceflight Dynamics profile

This profile addresses many aspects of satellite missions: from concept to application, and from launch to end-of-life. It aims at delivering skilled space mission engineers and scientists. You will learn about techniques and methods to track, predict, optimize and very precisely compute satellite trajectories, both for spacecraft around and beyond Earth and for launch and (re-)entry vehicles. Space debris is another main research element. You will also learn about methods and tools to exploit satellites for a wide range of scientific and societally relevant issues and applications, including monitoring all kinds of aspects that are related to Earth’s climate such as sea level and the ice caps. This profile is generally theoretical nature.

Profile courses

The profile courses for students of the Spaceflight Dynamics profile are listed below. Please note that profile courses are in both the 2nd, 3rd and 4th  period.

Name Period # EC
Propagation and Optimization in Astrodynamics 4 5
Numerical Astrodynamics 3 4
Rocket Motion 3 3
Re-entry Systems 2 3
Satellite Orbit Determination 2-3 6
Planetary Sciences II 2 4
Practical Astrodynamics 2 3