The Space Systems Engineering group has its own workshop and dust-free area where aerospace hardware is made, assembled, integrated and tested.


Adjacent to the cleanroom there is a workshop facility for construction, assembly, integration, and testing. It is equipped to perform mechanical, electrical and electronic activities to support cleanroom work.

Ground Station

The roof of the EWI building hosts a multi-band satellite ground station that is the result of a cooperation between TU Delft, the Delft Space Institute, and ISIS – Innovative Solutions in Space. The radio equipment is used daily for satellite communication, from VHF to S-band, to control and download data from all the spacecraft built and operated by TU Delft and ISIS.

Radar Altimeter Database System (RADS)

A harmonised, validated and cross-calibrated sea level database from satellite altimeter data.

TU Delft Astrodynamics Toolbox (Tudat)

A C++ library developed and maintained by staff and students for simulating various astrodynamics applications.

GNSS receivers

Our groups owns GNSS receivers which are used for both continuous and campaign GPS/GLONASS/Galileo measurements in cooperation with governmental agencies and universities in Europe and South-East Asia.