Munkhzul Zorigt

I am a specialist in Side-Channel Analysis at Brightsight B.V., one of the world’s leading security evaluation companies. The company supports its customers from all over the world in preparing their ICT product approval processes. As a specialist in side-channel analysis, I am responsible for assessing the security compliance of various secure products such as ICs, smart cards and payment terminals with the requirements, using side-channel analysis methods. Side-channel analysis makes use of the implementation vulnerability leaked through the side channels such as power consumption and electromagnetic emanation. This technology exposes irregularities in the internal secure operations and the secure data. Besides the side-channel analysis, I am involved in the penetration test phase of the mobile software security evaluations.     

Approaching the evaluation with a hacker’s perspective and applying the most up-to-date attack techniques, is something I find very  exciting and challenging. Anonymous hackers are continuously attempting to disclose secure information by improving their attack approaches, methods and tools. The strong mathematical background, modelling and programming skills that I gained during my Master’s programme help me a lot when working on R&D projects.

Flexibility is the most important thing that the COSSE programme gave to me. I was able to choose any field I wanted in industry after graduation since the knowledge of mathematics and programming is required almost everywhere nowadays. The ICT Security is a very dynamic field where you are expected to have different skills and knowledge. This is why the work I do now is the perfect match to my preferences. The COSSE programme not only opened my eyes to the application of mathematics in Europe but also extended my horizon by allowing me to meet many different and talented people.

I strongly advise prospective students to grab this opportunity to develop themselves both personally and professionally.

Graduation year: 2014
Bachelor programme: BSc in Applied Mathematics
Master programme: Erasmus Mundus joint master’s programme in Computer Simulations for Science and Engineering
Track/Specialization: ICT Security
Current position: Security Evaluator
Company: Brightsight B.V.