Master tracks

On application, students choose one of the five tracks for the duration of their degree. Within each track students have the freedom to investigate different specialisations and themes, before choosing a specialisation for their graduation project.


The Architecture track draws on the rich architectural culture of the Netherlands. Students learn how to develop innovative building projects that use design as a means to deal with the technical, social and spatial challenges encountered in the built environment. Read more

Building Technology

The Building Technology tracks encompasses a broad spectrum of engineering and architectural design skills that lead to one of the dominant professionals of the future: the sustainable designer. Through focusing on structural, facade and climate design, students learn how to contribute to smart buildings that are sustainable, comfortable and environmentally intelligent. Read more

Landscape Architecture

The Landscape Architecture track deals with design through all scales as an architectonic compositium of natural and artificial materials. Students learn how to see landscape as a contextual underlay for understaning, ordening and acting in spatial transformations. We emphasise the historical continuity of landscape as process of time and flows. Read more

Management in the Built Environment

The Management in the Built Environment track engages with the managerial dimension and processes of the built environment and the construction industry. Students learn how to manage the urban development and construction processes so as to guide the many stakeholders to achieve high quality and financially rewarding development. Read more


The Urbanism tracks draws on the Dutch tradition of combining urban design, landscape architecture and spatial planning. Students learn to integrate social, cultural, economic and political perspectives with the natural and man-made conditions of the site in order to shape and plan for more sustainable development. Read more