Track: Management in the Built Environment

It is broadly recognised that insight, knowledge and skills in process and management are of vital importance to professionals in the world of architecture, construction and the built environment, especially in today’s circumstances. The Management in the Built Environment track (formerly Real Estate and Housing track) engages with this need by exploring the managerial dimension and the processes involved with these industries. 

Watch this teaser for an introduction to the track. Do you want more in-depth information? Watch the second video on this page.    

Degree: Master of Science Architecture, Urbanism and Building Sciences

Credits: 120 EC, 24 months

Type: Full-time

Start: BSc Bouwkunde graduates can start in September and February. New students can only enrol in September. 

Language of instruction: English

What you will learn

Students learn how to manage the urban development and construction process so as to guide the many stakeholders to achieve high quality and financially rewarding development. They learn how to manage the process at the ‘object level’ – that is, involving buildings and structures, as well as at the ‘supply level’ – involving the management of real estate portfolios and urban areas.

This track sets itself apart from other Management in the Built Environment programmes in its design focus. As part of the faculty of architecture, this programme builds on our strength in creating multidisciplinary design-based solutions. Prospective students must demonstrate a sensibility to the processes involved in the design of building projects and have a keen interest in managerial issues.

Management in the Built Environment has a very active community of students: BOSS Students. Many activities are organised, including business tours, debates and study trips.

Watch this video and get an overview of the field, the content of the programme and your career opportunities. [12 minutes]

Already an Architect?

Management in the Built Environment is not only inviting for students who want to continue their studies after obtaining a BSc, but also for practicing architects who recognise that in order to grow they need management skills and knowledge