Dutch BSc Degree

Directly admissible studies

If you have completed the following programmes, you will be directly admitted to the CoSEM programme:

  • BSc degree in Technische Bestuurskunde - TU Delft; 
  • BSc degree in Technische Bedrijfskunde (Industrial Engineering (and Management)) - RUG, TU/e, UT; 
  • BSc degree in Science, Business and Innovation - VU Amsterdam; 
  • BSc degree in Natuurwetenschap en Innovatiemanagement - U Utrecht;
  • Another socio-technical engineering BSc degree, to be assessed by the admission committee.

Application and enrolment

You only have to register in Studielink.


Monodisciplinary engineering or natural sciences background

Individuals holding a monodisciplinary engineering BSc degree or BSc degree in a natural science, as listed on the following website: Doorstromen naar CoSEM, may have access to the programme under the following conditions (exemptions may be granted by the admission committee): 

  • Having done 30 EC in at least two of the subjects economics, law and policy;
  • Submission of a CV and a motivation statement. 

Application and enrolment

If you fulfill the admission requirements, you can apply to the CoSEM MSc programme by submitting the documents listed below AND register in Studielink (see 'Registration' below):