February intake


  • TPM masters are designed to start in September. This means that you should take into account that starting in February is no guarantee that the programme can be completed in 2 years.
  • February intake is only possible for students with a Dutch BSc degree.

Disadvantages of the February intake are:

  • You have to start with your Free Electives, Track Electives, and SEN131
  • You do not have a fixed group you can study with and you end up between two cohorts
  • You cannot take the pre-defined elective packages as electives because they are only scheduled in the first semester
  • You have to choose a set of electives yourself
  • You are not eligible for an exchange place abroad

It is recommended to do an internship and wait until September to start your master.

Read the steps and conditions below, to find out how you can enroll for a start in February.