Nomination and Application

Welcome to the nomination and application procedure page for incoming exchange students.

Nomination procedure

Students wanting to come to TU Delft for an exchange period will need to be nominated by their home university (a partner to TU Delft).
The nominations need to be sent by the home university to TU Delft before the nomination deadlines, and per semester.
Should there be delays with the nomination process, which could affect the application deadline of the student, the student must apply before the deadline.

Application procedure

Please read the information below very carefully before you start the application procedure.

  • Read the manual for ‘application Studielink’ before you apply.
  • Check the faculty course lists where you plan to do all of your courses. If you plan to do some courses at another faculty, ensure you read their course list too.
  • Be sure you understand the restrictions and requirements to take your chosen courses before applying. Choosing courses that are not available to you or choosing the wrong faculty can delay your application process
  • Check if you have a valid form of identification, it must be valid for at least 6 months after the start date of the exchange programme. Should you have a valid EU and Non-EU passport, please upload your EU passport. Uploading a wrong/expired passport may delay your application process.
  • Check you have the applicable documents available in PDF format.
  • Once you are clear about your course choice and you have the applicable documents, you are ready to start your application.
  • Ensure your apply before the deadline, no extensions will be given to this process.