Fix for missing 'back to'-links in news/event articles

News and event articles should have a few navigation options in the left menu. However, in some cases this menu appeared missing on english items. The cause of this has been found and subsequently fixed.

The left menu containing 3 navigation items

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Disappearing title and publication date when using header-slider element

Following the previous release, where the option for adding a header slider element to all pagetypes was added, a bug was discovered.

When adding the header slider element to a news or event article and an image was added in the page proporties (which is now used for displaying an image as thumbnail in overviews or social sharing), the article title and publiaction details disappeared.

With this release, this bug has been solved by making sure this information gets displayed below the header slider images, as can be seen below. As an added bonus; this also improves the readability of the title and publication details compared to the previous situation.

Default header image

Title and publication details barely visible in header

Header slider (after release 2017 Q4)

Bug: title and publication details are missing. The title has been added manually through a header element

After bugfix

Title and publication details are automatically displayed below the header slider

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Fix for indexing content elements

A bug regarding indexation of regular content elements has been squashed, which will improve search results.

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Indexing of shortcuts and mount points

As of this release, all page types will be indexed by the internal search engine, which also grants us the possibility to create custom dynamic overviews based on shortcuts.

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Missing social media icons

A few social media icons appeared to be broken. This has been fixed with this release:

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