New Features

Set top navigation for news & events articles

All news and event articles are kept in a dedicated part of the typo3 backend, in order to support and stimulate the sharing of articles throughout the TU Delft website without creating multiple duplicates of the same content.

However, since site-navigation is built upon the hierarchical structure within typo3, all articles shared the same top- and bottom navigation items, regardless of which faculty or department presented the article.

For example, any news article posted on the Architecture website would still show the overall TU Delft top and bottom navigation, resulting in a confusing user experience.

With this release comes the option to set a navigation starting position to create top and bottom navigation  similar to the specified starting point.

Keep in mind that these settings can not be done by editors.
Please contact your local content manager for all options.

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Dynamic content overview - Specific Card Styling

New styling features were added to the dynamic content overview plugin.

As of this release it is now also possible to specify what sort of card layout you'd like to present and what content should be shown in the cards itself.

Take a look at the new card overview options.

Because the overviews are difficult to set up properly, changes to your current template are not done by editors. Please contact your local content manager to apply for any changes.

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Grid visibility settings

Even though the TU Delft website is a responsive website, there will always be situations where re-arranging content is preferred for different (mobile) devices.

With grid visibility you can decide which grids, with its own content, should be visible on what devices. To view the effects, drag your browser window to a different width to simulate other devices.

You can change the visibility setting by going to your Grid Element properties, in the tab Appearance, and under Visibility, select the desired setting for that grid.

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Side navigation on mobile devices

Although not so much a new configurable feature, the following has also been added to the website:

The left navigation menu will no longer be fully displayed on mobile devices and/or smaller screens, but will start hidden behind the new 'open menu' button.


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