Prof.dr. P. (Peter) Palensky

Prof.dr. P. (Peter) Palensky



He teaches Energy Efficiency in the bachelors, trying to pass on his passion on making processes optimal, for saving valuable resources, by understanding, modeling and assessing the principles behind these processes. A second subject in the masters program is Intelligent Electrical Power Grids, covering grid dynamics, automation technology, and integrated energy systems, both done in theory and lots of hands-on modeling and programming.


He is busy in developing methods for intelligent and integrated energy systems. One of the main activities is hybrid numerical models and how to describe and use them. Using such models -sometimes called digital twins-, a formerly incomprehensible and complex energy system can be analyzed for efficiency, stability margins, optimality, and other expected features. With his team he works on industry and smart cities, transmission and distribution, security of supply and cyber security, hardware-in-the loop setups and number crunching for future and complex power systems.


Peter Palensky is Professor for intelligent electric power grids at TU Delft, Netherlands. Before that he was Principal Scientist for Complex Energy Systems at the Austrian Institute of Technology, associate Professor at the University of Pretoria, South Africa, Department of Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering, University Assistant at the Vienna University of Technology, Austria, and researcher at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, California. He is active in international committees such as IEEE and is Editor in Chief of the IEEE Industrial Electronics Magazine and associate editor for the IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics and IEEE Access. His main research field is complex and integrated energy systems.


Peter Palensky is head of Intelligent Electrical Power Grids and scientific director of the PowerWeb Institute. His research group works on smart electricity systems, while PowerWeb has a broader scope on intelligent and integrated energy.

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  • 2022-12-16

    Hidde Nijland Prize

    The Hidde Nijland Foundation is committed to the promotion of everything that, in the opinion of the Board can contribute to the development of science and education in the field of Electrical Energy Technology and the technology of the Electricity supply at the Technical Universities of the Netherlands, in the broadest sense of the word.

    In this context, an event takes place once every two years, at which either the person invited for that purpose delivers the Hidde Nijland speech, or the designated person receives the Hidde Nijland prize (a cash prize). The person who pronounces the Hidde Nijland speech will receive the Hidde Nijland medal.