AE Mentor Alumni Programme (MAP)

Start mapping your future!

Would you like to receive advice on what to do after your studies? Or be coached on how you can achieve your dream career? Or simply some guidance on what courses to take? Get help from Aerospace Engineering alumni and register for the AE Mentor Alumni Programme.
MAP aims to connect aerospace students to alumni who can support them with professional guidance and career advice. MAP offers more than a mentor-mentee relationship, it also provides a community with numerous possibilities for networking and career development.

New registration procedure

From January2022 onwards, MAP is hosted in the online environment TU Delft for Life. This is the TU Delft alumni platform, in which MAPstudents can also register, but will only be able to see the mentoring option. The first application step is filling in your personal details using the linkbelow, no later than March 4th. After this date, you will receive a formal invitation e-mail around March 5th. Then you can complete yourregistration with details about your personal interests and your MAP goals. When you have completed your registration, you can find all available mentorson the platform. You can start a mentoring connection with an alumnus free ofchoice on a first-come-first-served basis. Once fully registered, you are expectedto connect with an alumnus. It is not allowed to reach out to a mentor whosespots are already occupied. The deadline for connecting via the platform is March15th. A visually explained registration manual can be found at the bottomof this page.

Finding a mentor best fit for you

Since many mentors have walked a path comparable to yours as a student, it is safe to assume that many mentors can help you with the challenges you are facing. While looking for a connection, students tend to focus on dream company names and shared backgrounds in sports or societies. However, these focus points do not necessarily form the best relationships. For example, if your dream company currently is Airbus, you might immediately search for an alumnus working at Airbus. This alumnus’s key strengths are analytical skills, exactly like yours. However, for you to land your dream job, you could use some guidance in the field of self-presentation and keeping overview. These are not skills necessarily related to a company, and there are many alumni who are highly skilled at this. Try to find a mentor complementing your personal goals, rather than one that has (had) a position you aspire.

Programme facts

  • Open to all TU Delft Aerospace Engineering students from 2nd year BSc to final year MSc

  • 5-month long programme that runs twice per year: March - July and October - February

  • Students and alumni make connections through the TU Delft for Life alumni portal

  • Students should send connection requests to mentors, mentors can accept or decline

  • If more students than alumni register, they connect on a first-come-first-served basis

  • MAP mentoring meetings can have the format of the duo’s preference

  • The organisation recommends a minimum of 2 contact hours per month

  • Students are expected to initiate and sustain the mentoring contact

MAP Objectives

During your registration in TU Delft for Life, you are expected to fill in your MAP Objectives. These objectives must contain your personal development goals, what you expect from the programme, and how you think you can make the most out of your mentoring connection. These details will serve as a starting point for a conversation with your mentor. As part of the registration, we expect you to thoroughly think about your MAP Objectives, and when you make a mentoring request in the portal, you should send these objectives to the alumnus. 

Quotes from fellow students

"Developed my knowledge about my own personal skills that I didn't realise before. Confirmed the direction I want to choose for the future is the right one while still staying open to different possibilities"

"Got a good mentor that can really gave valuable insight into the doubts and struggles I currently have!"

"I think it is a good programme to get in touch with Alumni, understand their experiences and struggles and see how their life can influence the next step you take."

"Very helpful in giving me insight into the aerospace industry and helps me clear my worries of the future as he helps me answer questions that I can't answer myself."

Mentor-mentee experiences

Please contact if you have any questions.
Frandjescka Balootje – Alumni Relations Coordinator AE