Honours programme

The Honours Programme gives excellent AE students the possibility to challenge themselves during their Master programmes, by obtaining 20 EC additional to their MSc programmes. An Honours Programme Master is an individual, unique programme and is shaped by you. The starting point is establishing your learning goals and then tailoring your programme around them.

The HPM is about challenging yourself, to go beyond your regular Master ā€“ which by the way is already a fantastic study. The HPM should therefore be an enriching, challenging experience. Some possibilities are: a project at another faculty or university in the Netherlands or abroad, or an additional internship with a distinct learning objective, going beyond your regular Master.

The entrance criteria for the Honours Programme are an average mark of 7.5 for your Bachelor courses, a successful completion of your Bachelor programme within 4 years and an average of 7.5 in your first Master results. More information about the requirements you can find in the presentation we gave in the Information Meeting last October.

Completion of the Honours Programme results in a certificate.

After you are admitted to the Honours Programme, you will be invited by the Honours co-coordinator Susan de Rouw, to refine your learning goals if necessary and to discuss your preliminary ideas for your personal HPM.

For many students the most important objective of an Honours Programme Master is to improve their versatility in their future. The implementation can therefore relate to (a specific field of) aerospace engineering, to the role of technology in society, to personal leadership or to other skills, such as business skills.

For more information and contact details, you can visit the Brightspace, Honours Programmes Master Aerospace Engineering and the universityā€™s central site on the honours programme.