Note: this application procedure is only for students with a BSc degree from a Dutch university or from a Dutch HBO who completed a bridging minor/ year at the Faculty of Aerospace.

The application procedure for students with a BSc degree from a non-Dutch university can be found here.

To register for the Master Aerospace Engineering you have to follow the three steps listed below:

  1. Official registration in StudieLink
    Formal application and registration at TU Delft via StudieLink is mandatory. 
    : It takes some time to confirm the MSc application in StudieLink. First all BSc-courses have to be completed and the BSc exam results entered in MyTUDelft. Then the exam committee has to officially approve your BSc degree. The moment your Bachelor’s degree is awarded, you have permission from the Faculty to start the Master track/profile. You can then complete your registration through Studielink. For additional questions about registration please contact the central student administration:

  2. Application Track/profile for Master Aerospace Engineering 
    Organisational purposes of the MSc Programme require that you  apply for a track and profile and  include a motivation letter. The digital form will automatically be send to Education and Student Affairs at the faculty.  The application deadline is May 1 when starting in September, and December 1 when starting in February. Application for the track can be done here

    NOTESpecial notice for students interested in the track Space Flight:

    We are currently experiencing a large growth in the number of students applying to our MSc track Space Flight. Although we find it very positive that space flight is such a popular topic at the moment, the capacity of staff for Thesis supervision has its limitations. In order to preserve the quality standards of our education and depending on the number of applications received, measures may be taken to assure a match of capacity and request.

    What can you do? Please choose your track carefully. Some of our other tracks also offer space related assignments. For example: 

    - Materials for spacecraft

    - Re-entry trajectories

    Other Master programmes at TU Delft that might be of interest to you are:

    - Electrical components of satellites at Electrical Engineering

    - <link citg over-de-faculteit afdelingen geoscience-remote-sensing education track-geoscience-and-remote-sensing>Use of satellite data at Geoscience and Remote Sensing

  3. Course Registration
    After you are admitted to the track of your choice, at the start of the MSc programme (in September or February) you also need to register the courses within your track/profile you have chosen and –in consultation with the track coordinator- lay down the specific programme you are going to follow.  If all requirements are met, you will formally be registered for the track and your MSc programme will be recorded in MyTUDelft. Please submit the registration forms as soon as possible, at the latest in the first month that you start your MSc programme. Course registration can be done here.

Request for an exemption for certain areas of expertise
It is required for Thesis research in the Master and PhD research in certain areas of expertise to request the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science for an exemption.
For more information and to apply for this exemption please visit the website of the government. Note; this does not apply for courses within the MSc-AE programme, only for Thesis research.

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