All students in the MSc programme Aerospace Engineering complete an internship at a company with a nominal study duration of approximately 10-12 weeks.

The aim of the internship is to expose students to a real professional work environment outside Delft University of Technology. The internship provides the opportunity to get a glance of the technical, social, economic, and organizational aspects of aerospace engineering and/or related fields as a professional. It enables students to acquire professional skills different from those taught in the MSc programme.

image/svg+xml World map with Europe marked. Drawn by maix (Marian Sigler) Africa Countries: 5 Companies: 13 Students: 21 Asia Countries: 14 Companies: 76 Students: 148 Oceania Countries: 2 Companies: 22 Students: 71 Europe Countries: 26 Companies: 754 Students: 2502 South America Countries: 6 Companies: 16 Students: 55 North America Countries: 2 Companies: 95 Students: 323 Hover over continents to see statistics

Internship Coordinator

Ms. Mirthe Oude Alink